Ahnu Moraga Mesh Hiking Shoes

New hiking shoes can always be trying…you know the feeling, you found your current pair 10 years ago, they lasted forever, and now your big toe is poking out the hole in the front.  You hit up the local outdoor shoe store to find they don’t make that model anymore.  Dangit.  Now what?  You try on every pair making the staff insane, only to decide you have a mutant foot that nobody makes a shoe for.

Ok, maybe that’s a far stretch, but most of us to grow accustomed to our shoes.  My last pair was a pair of Merrell Moab Ventilator hiking shoes that I kind of bought on a whim one day because they were on sale.  Not even trying them on I took a chance and loved them…for 4 years they treated me well.  Now don’t get me wrong, they didn’t get used daily, they weren’t my everyday go to shoe, but they did take me on outdoor adventures regularly to exotic international places…these things traversed the walls of Jerusalem, they found me at the dead sea, they held my weight with full pack on the streets of Istanbul, and found me trashing them in Brasov, Romania…but eventually I realized just how broken down the soles were…they’re trashed.

Ahnu Moraga Mesh Hiking Shoe Image

Ahnu Moraga Mesh Hiking Shoe

Alas, I introduce you to the Ahnu Moraga Mesh Hiking Shoe.  Before trying on the Ahnu’s, I was skeptical as I’d never heard of them.  Being adventurous as I am, it was time to try something else out anyway, so why not!  First impressions were that they have a great fit, true to size.  I wear Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Boots in a size 11, and the Ahnu’s are the same.  The Moraga’s have a nice dual density compression molded EVA midsole, with a nice neutral feeling on the feet.  I’m prone to rolling my ankle quite easily, but these feel fairly well supported.  Being the fan of Superfeet that I am (see the Just{elation} review here!) I quickly replaced the stock insoles with them and never turned back.

The Ahnu’s aren’t waterproof, but their leather uppers resist water and all their seams are sealed to help keep your feet dry, but if you’re looking for a true waterproof hiking shoe look elsewhere…I wasn’t in need of a pair of waterproof anythings, so I opted to stick with a more breathable shoe on this one.

Looking at the sole of the shoe, you’ll see that the tread pattern is well suited for trail hiking.  While often I’ll opt to stick with a Vibram sole, Ahnu has done a good job designing this sole, with heal traction so help grip on the way down the hill, and forefoot tread patterns supporting traction to propel you forward, they’ll definitely keep you moving forward or slow you down at the right times.

So the testing starts, with more updates coming as time wears on.  Stay tuned for updates as they come available!

Product Being Tested: Ahnu Moraga Mesh Hiking Shoe

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