Bertucci A-2TE Watch

Bertucci A-2TE

Bertucci A-2TE

When it comes to the watch industry, Bertucci is a fairly new player.  Incorporated in 2003, they are already positioned as a leader in the titanium outdoors watch market.  They focus on simple, durable, and stylish watches, aiming to be the one and only watch that you need (although let’s be honest, we all want several watches, even if we only grab one every day!).

The Bertucci A-2TE watch is a very cleanly styled titanium case watch.  A simple design which simply tells the time without the date, the simple lines of the hands (second hand included!) create a clean looking watch that can work at the office as easily as the trail.  The lugs which hold the band on are claimed to be indestructible made entirely of titanium, keeping the weight down while continuing to look like a seriously durable timepiece.  The lugs hold in place an easy to replace nylon watch band with 7 grommets for adjustability.  The model tested has a nice flat black color with a pale white face.  On the face there are numbers on every hour, and an inside marking of a 24-hour clock at the 12, 3, 6, & 9 o’clock locations.  The crystal is below the case’s housing, protected from scratches.  The minute and hour hands glow in the dark, while the second hand does it’s work almost silently (though if you hold it next to your ear you can hear a faint ticking sound coming from it!).  The A-2TE comes with a button at the 3 o’clock position which will illuminate the face of the watch in an aqua color, allowing you to easily see the time in the dark if the glowing hands aren’t enough.  Setting the time is easy with a screw-down adjustment knob located at the 4 o’clock position.  The watch is slated to be water resistant to 100 meters, which let’s be honest here, if you’re going anywhere near that far down you’ll either have a diving specific watch or you have more problems than your watch failing you!

Bertucci A-2TE Backlight

Bertucci A-2TE Backlight

1 Year Review

Well, after exactly 1 year of owning the Bertucci A-2TE watch, it’s time to give an honest assessment of how it’s holding up!

Battery: First off, the battery has held up perfectly fine this far.  Outside of resetting the time for Daylight Savings Time (thank you Ben Franklin!), no time adjustments have been needed, indicating that the movement in the watch is accurate to 6 months.

Case: The case remains black even after 1 year of use.  There are very few places where the black has worn off the case, this is after several encounters with bumps and grazes that could have easily scratched the case.  There is one mark where the case encountered a brick on the side of the house that did put an almost non-noticeable wear mark, but you’ve got to look extremely closely to it to see it.

Crystal: The crystal is completely clear, no fog, no scratches, no blemishes.

Band:  The nylon band has held up this year.  The black clasp and strap holder show few signs of wear, though the black coating has worn off if closely examined, not actually noticeable unless closely examined.

Notes:  After 1 year the Bertucci has proven to be a worthwhile timepiece.  Showing extremely few signs of wear despite several encounters with outdoor abuse (and some construction abuse too!).  The nylon band has proven comfortable and far more durable than expected.  Overall, the watch is highly recommended!

Another review to come in 6 months.

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