Chemex Drip Coffee Brewer

Admit it…you’re a coffee addict.  We all are, it’s ok…

But how you brew your coffee may be how you get judged.  Do you spend $3 on regular coffee at Starbucks…or do you drop that cash at a local independently owned shop?

Or…do you brew your own? Oh, you do? Well we have a treat for you!

Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker Image

Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Maker

Brewing your own takes a few minutes, but let’s admit it…it’s the best!  Especially when you’re using a Chemex Classic Glass Coffeemaker.  What I consider the king of fancy pour over coffee makers!  With their simple filters, you can easily brew the perfect cup of coffee (or in this case, 3 cups) by simply adding coffee grounds (a tablespoon for each cup…ish), and slowly pouring hot water over it.  You’ll find that the coffee has a smooth clean taste.  Simply toss the filter away (compost it?) and pour your incredible coffee into a preheated mug…or the Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottle!

It’s the best in my coffee maker world thus far.  I’m a fan of French Press coffee too, but this is better! As always, it depends on where you get your coffee beans to determine just how delicious your morning is…current Chemex favorites here are a Coasta Rican blend from a local roaster…the beans are organic and the current pick here.

Product Being Tested: Chemex Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker, 3 Cup Capacity

Purchase from Amazon: Chemex Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker, 3 Cup Capacity

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