Darn Tough Vermont 1/4 Cushion 1905 Sock

With more and more growing trust from Just{elation} to the quality and comfort of Darn Tough Vermont Socks, today starts the first day of a long term test and review of the Darn Tough Vermont 1/4 Cushion 1905 socks.  For those of you who aren’t as familiar with Darn Tough socks, they make some fairly bold claims on their packaging:

Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Cushion 1905

Darn Tough 1/4 Sock Cushion 1905

If you can wear these socks out, we’ll replace them.  Free of charge.  No questions asked.  For life.  When you’re really serious about something you make it yourself.

-Ric Cabot

They make these claims that their socks are the best in the world, and many (most) include a high percentage of Merino Wool.  Merino wool is a great choice for socks for their natural abilities to wick moisture from your skin, it repels bacteria helping to keep odor away, and naturally regulates temperature for both cooling and warming effects.  Darn Tough knits all their socks with a fine gauge Italian knitting machine, making a nice, tight weave, ensuring a great fit and durability.

When first putting the 1/4 Cushion 1905 socks on, you’ll find that the ankle cut socks feel great.  They don’t have any places that are too tight or are bunching up.  Obviously everyone has different feet, but for a 10.5 shoe size with normal to slightly wide feet they simply fit perfectly.  They come in 4 color choices of Oatmeal (tested), Black, Olive, and Chocolate.  They’re non-itchy, which is a concern for several people regarding wool products.  During the long term test, as with all socks Just{elation} reviews, reports of how the socks wick moisture, breathe, smell, hold up (durability) and hold color at the 1, 2, 4, 6, and 12 month reviews.

Stay tuned for the next review in 1 month!

Product Being Tested: Darn Tough Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Hiking Sock

Purchase from Amazon: Darn Tough Merino Wool 1/4 Cushion Hiking Sock

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