East Fork Lake State Park

East Fork Lake State Park is a beautiful park located just east of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The park boasts plenty of trails for all who want to get out and enjoy some fresh air regardless of what level of challenge you’re looking for.

East Fork Lake Adena Trail

East Fork Lake Adena Trail

Adena Trail: The Adena trail is 2.85 miles, starting at the South Trailhead Parking area.  Open to both hikers and mountain bikers, the trail is clearly marked with a blue square on trees lining the path.  The path is easy to follow, very well marked, and extremely well maintained.  During peak seasons you do need to beware of the mountain bikers as this is a popular trail for them to take in the park (along with several other trails open to bikes!).  Highly recommend this shorter hike for a crisp walk through the woods!

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