ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Impulse buys sometimes become the best things ever, right?  Ok ok ok, so often they end up being complete regrets, but not if that impulse purchase was from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters!

ENO DoubleNest

ENO DoubleNest

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is one of the best impulse buys you could ever make, especially when you discover the quality they put into it.  All ENO hammocks are handmade, and have been since their humble beginnings in 1999.  Read their full story in their About page on their website, but the short story is that they set out to sell their hammocks out of a van along the east coast of the USA.  They settled into a more stable environment by setting up an office in Asheville, NC and grew from there.

A short conversation with anyone who’s experienced an ENO hammock will be all the proof you could ever need to know that these things are comfortable!  After using hammocks for years that never felt stable, always felt like a group of ropes that were destroying my back, never really feeling safe, the ENO DoubleNest has changed this guy’s perception of hammocks forever.  Never been so comfortable, always feel safe, and have never had any problems of any kind…that’s quality that Just{elation} can put a stamp of approval on!

Specifically to the DoubleNest, you can easily have two people (preferably who actually like being near each other!) relax the day away in one hammock, or even sleep the night through.  The stability of it with two people in allow one person to exit without having the other flip upside-down!  That being said, many people enjoy the DoubleNest when using it for just one person as well, because they can lay diagonally or wrap themselves up like a cocoon for incredible comfort!  Depending on whether you enjoy a pillow or not, bring one along, sometimes sleeping or relaxing on your side is worthy of the extra weight of having a pillow handy!

There are a few things to note when purchasing and using an ENO DoubleNest (1lb 6oz) (or any of their quality hammocks!)

  • ENO Atlas Straps

    ENO Atlas Straps

    They come with a carabiner on each end to hang them with.  This would be perfect if you had two trees (or any kind of post) to hang them from that were 10′ apart, and those trees or posts had an eyelet to clip into them, but for the rest of us we need something else.  ENO conveniently makes a few different options for this (the options are why they aren’t included in the hammocks).  The easiest option is the SlapStrap
    , which velcro around the trees or mounting points and allow you to mount the hammock up to 20′ apart.  They offer 6 attachment points for adjustability.  The Slap Straps Pro offer the same distance adjustability, but offer a full 24″ extra in the velcro ends to allow you to strap up to larger diameter trees or mounting points.  Then there’s the Atlas Hammock Suspension System (11 oz), which allows you to mount to 30 different mounting points for the ultimate in adjustability.

  • While you can easily hang the hammocks from a tree with some rope, rope is hard on tree bark, the straps and suspension systems all use webbing to distribute the weight easier, allowing you to be more environmentally friendly with less damage happening to the trees you are hanging from.
  • In weather under 65 degrees it gets rather cold in a nylon hammock without insulation under you.  While you can easily bring a blanket to keep warm on the cooler nights, anything under 65 degrees gets chilly unless you have an under-quilt.  There are several home-made plans out there, or the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Ember Underquilt (2lb 3oz) is specifically built for their hammocks.  Remember that for insulation to work properly you can’t smash it under the weight of your own body, which is why it needs to specifically be an under-quilt!
  • Replacing the included carabiners will assist in weight and strength.

Other accessories of use:

  • Tarps…specifically the Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly Raintarp (22 oz) or Pro Fly Rain Tarp (1lb 16oz) which provides incredible amounts of protection from the elements outside.  If you plan on spending nights in your hammock, a rain tarp is almost always recommended because the weather these days aren’t reliable in any way!
  • The Guardian Bug Net (16oz) offers great protection from the pesky mosquitos that plague hammock camping (or camping of any type!).  Comes highly recommended as bugs are a great way to ruin a good night’s sleep…or a relaxing afternoon nap!
  • Eagles Nest Outfitters Possum Pocket (3.5 oz) is a great way to store your gear while hammock camping!  If you need more room than the Possum Pocket, the ENO Underbelly (8oz) is a great way to ensure your gear is always in reach!
  • ENO Twilights

    ENO Twilights

    ENO Twilights Camp Lights complete the picture, with small clips to attach to the tops of your hammock, they light up the night and add a festive touch to your hammock(ing) experience!

  • ENO also makes the SingleNest, the ENO ProNest Hammock, the Double Deluxe Hammock, and a ENO Lounger Chair to complete their lineup.  All handmade, all incredibly comfortable!

All things considered, few products will come with the ultimate stamp of Just{elation} approval like the ENO DoubleNest as they make great products, they’re great gifts that won’t be on a dusty shelf next year, and they’ll be sure to enhance anyone’s life!

Available on Amazon at Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

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