Fenix PD22 G2 Flashlight

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Fenix PD22 Flashlight

The latest flashlight to join Just{elation} existence is the incredible Fenix PD22 Flashlight.  This torch was chosen because of the intense Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED that gives this light an amazing 210 lumens.  Now don’t get be mistaken, 210 lumens wouldn’t be as impressive if this light was decently large, but the PD22 is a mere 3.5″ (89mm) long, and only .85″ (21.5mm) in diameter.  Weighing in at only 44 grams before installing a single CR123 battery, it’s comfortable to carry at all times with you, whether clipped inside your pocket with the included clip, or if you decide to keep it in the canvas sheath that Fenix includes as well.

On the tail-cap of the PD22 you’ll find the power button, which allows a soft touch to momentarily power the light, or a nice solid feeling click to engage the power.  As with most of Fenix’s current lineup, there’s a switch on the side of the light’s casing, a simple button that cycles through the 6 modes.  The digitally regulated output gives you a consistant 210 lumen output on Turbo mode, 105 lumens in High mode, 45 in Mid mode, a 3 lumen low mode finishes off the solid light modes.  Then they give you a 210 lumen strobe mode and a 105 lumen SOS mode.  Fenix lights are nice because they remember the last mode you had the light in, and when you turn it on again it returns to that position.

The Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED throws the beam a maximum of 370′ (113m) to ensure you’re able to see what’s on the path ahead, or at least see the bear that’s bearing down on you…for awhile anyway.  In Turbo mode, you’ll gain 2 hours of runtime, High: 5 hours, Mid 12.5 hours, Low 120 hours…use low when you’re in the tent at night, and high normally, unless you want to carry an extra pack for the batteries you’ll run through.

More testing to come on this, but it’s one of the favorites for Just{elation} almost simply because of the size of the light combined with the 210 lumen max output.  Stay tuned for more reviews as it gets used more often!

Product Being Tested: Fenix PD22 Flashlight

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