Fenix TK15 Flashlight

Fenix TK15 Flashlight Image

Fenix TK15 Flashlight

Sometimes you just need a good flashlight.  There’s not much worse than grabbing your flashlight and realizing that water got into the casing…somehow…while in the junk drawer of your kitchen.  Well, Fenix seems to produce torches that help alleviate  the question of “is this thing decent?” with their current lineup.

With a nice, solid aluminum casing combined with a Cree XP-G LED (R5), the Fenix TK15 Tactical Light…let’s be honest, just calling something tactical makes it seem cool.  But this actually does stand up to the name.  Throw 2 CR123 batteries (or one 18650 Li-Ion Battery) into the 152 gram housing, and you’re going to see the dust light up in front of you.  The tail-cap has a rubber covered power switch, a half press momentarily turns the light on until you release it, or a full press and you’ll feel the solid click indicating that the light is locked on.  There are 4 brightness levels:

Turbo – 337 Lumens

High – 143 Lumens

Medium – 47 Lumens

Low – 5 Lumens

Strobe – 337 Lumens

Fenix TK15 Tail Cap Image

Fenix TK15 Tail Cap

Needless to say, 337 lumens lights up the dark fairly well…for awhile.  In Turbo mode, the TK15 throws a 337 lumen beam up to 705′ (215 meters) for up to 1 hour 50 minutes.  At the price of batteries, you may want to back it down to one of the lower levels:

Turbo – 1h 50m

High – 6h 25m

Medium – 23h

Low – 142h

Fenix TK15 Lens Image

Fenix TK15 Lens

To cycle through the various cycles, there’s a button towards the front of the light that allows you to select your mode, and conveniently remembers the last mode you were in for the next time you power up the light.  Default being on Turbo mode, a simple press of the button shoots you to low, then mid, high, and back to Turbo.  Hold that same button down for a second and you’ll have a 337 lumen strobe light to add some disco effects to your next party…er…help save your life on your next tactical adventure.

Keep the light handy with the included pocket clip…or keep it on your belt with the included sheath, either way you’ll want to have this around the next time you find yourself in a dark alley, a midnight camping bathroom run, or a flat tire on the backroads…no matter what, this thing shouldn’t end up in the kitchen junk drawer!

More updates as testing goes on will be posted here, so stay tuned!

Product Being Tested: Fenix TK15 LED Tactical Light

Purchase from Amazon: Fenix TK15 LED Tactical Light

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  3. I agree on your comments about Fenix TK15, one of the best torch from Fenix. Can you compare Xtar and Fenix TK15?

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