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Fitbit Zip in Black

Walkers will love the new Fitbit Zip, as will geeks…and kids…and the elderly.  This new advanced level pedometer tracks your steps, distance walked, calories burned, has a built in clock, and has a fancy motivating happy/smily face.

To start using the Zip, start with simply installing the included battery into the back panel using the included battery panel removal tool (or a coin!)…slip the slender Zip into your pocket (or clip it to your pocket/belt/bra with the included clip!).  Then…get this…start walking!  That’s it.  The Zip will start counting immediately.  The display has a simple monochrome display, which toggles through various modes with a tap of the Fitbit unit…it’s not a touchscreen tap as several people try to do, but instead you’ll want to tap the unit anywhere to advance through the screens.  The default screen is a simple smily face, which changes depending on how active you are…a tongue sticking out to taunt you into being more active, a simple smile when you’re active enough, and an open mouth smile when the Zip is super happy about your activity level.

The pedometer automatically uploads your steps to Fitbit’s online portal at through a wireless connection.  The wireless connection is through a Bluetooth 4.0/Smart connection, compatible with Windows and Mac environments.  The Zip includes a USB dongle that is small and hides permanently in the USB of any computer.  When you’re within 20′ of the receiver, your Fitbit will update automatically!  Fitbit has made an app for the iPhone 4S & 5 which will also allow it to update through it’s Bluetooth connection, though Android owners will have to wait for phone compatible updates.

Image of Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is available in several colors.

From Fitbit’s online connection, you can track your steps at any time.  It keeps a permanent record of your daily steps, your lifetime steps, your lifetime distances, and has a wide array of health tracking records you can add to it.  To help in the motivating process, Fitbit has built in several badges you can earn both daily and lifetime.  Daily badges include 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 daily steps.  They display your best badges earned on your profile page, with your best daily steps badge and lifetime distance badge (you earn your first distance badge at 50 miles).  By default, Fitbit sets your daily step goal to the popular 10,000 step goal encouraged by several health associations.  You can manually change the goal to any number you wish in the online portal.

The Zip uses a 3-axis accelerometer to track your steps and distance traveled.  When tested against a GPS tracker in a 3 mile walk, the Fitbit Zip as .1 mile shorter than the GPS reported, given the fact that the Zip doesn’t use GPS technology at all this seemed fairly accurate as it’s less than a 4% difference.  More testing will be used to see if this changes over time or not!

The Zip comes in several colors, is extremely easy to use (you don’t need to do anything but keep it in your pocket!), and fun to compete with friends and family on the online portal.  Don’t get just one, get a few, and start using them with your family to compete to see who gets the most steps in a day/week!  The online portal shows your ranking against your friends based on a rolling 7 day average.

If you’re interested in more feedback from your 21-century pedometer, see our ongoing review of the Fitbit One!

So Just{elation} is starting a long term review on the Fitbit Zip!  Updates coming soon!

Update: The Fitbit Zip is still going strong on the original battery, which is now about 3 months old.  The silicone housing is holding up perfectly, and the belt clip is still nice and tight.

Product Being Tested: Fitbit Zip Wireless Tracker

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  1. K G Somaraj says:

    I have got one fitbit zip today. After using it for one or two days
    I shall communicate my opinion.

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