Icebreaker Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt

Icebreaker Tech T Lite Shirt Image

Icebreaker Tech T Lite Shirt

Icebreaker makes good stuff.  End of story.

Oh, you want more information on the Icebreaker Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt?  Ok…since you asked…Icebreaker makes most of their gear using Merino Wool.  They’ve done a great system with all their clothing and tracking the wool straight to the farm it was raised on.  This means, you can find a “BAACode” on each of their products, which you in turn can enter into their website, which will show you the exact location of where the Merino Sheep was raised that your new wool came from.  It’s pretty interesting to see the different farms, many of which have the farmer and their families telling their stories through short videos.  It’s great knowing that Icebreaker truly cares where their products are produced, straight down to the source.

Baaack to their Tech T…like most Icebreaker products, their shirts run a little small, so get a size larger than you’d expect.    After finding the right size, however, don’t change a thing!  The Tech T Lite shirt is a perfect base layer, made of a 150g woven Merino Wool.  It is fairly thin, making it a great summer shirt because of it’s breathability.  The lightweight shirt breathes well without insulating you because of the super thin layer of wool.  They’re incredibly odor resistant as anti-bacterial is a natural property of the wool.

Perfect for travel, this shirt will go everywhere, which is where I intend to take it…anywhere I can…you know, because I don’t like to be smelly!  Stay tuned for further updates as time goes on!

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