Icebreaker Teton Zip Jacket

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Icebreaker Teton Zip

With the start of 2013 came a cold blast of air, and quickly winter coats and jackets were the normal apparel for anyone outdoors.  This prompted a desire to review yet more Merino Wool products, this round comes from New Zealand clothing producer Icebreaker.

The Icebreaker Teton Zip Jacket was ordered, sight unseen, to become the next Just{elation} long term review test.  A little research noted that most people had to go a size larger than normal due to the slim cut of the jacket, so a Teton Zip Jacket in size XXL was ordered.  After a few days, the jacket showed up, and the jacket is indeed extremely slim fitting (yes, even a size up was tight!).  After getting over the fact that maybe few pounds need to be dropped, it was off to inspecting the jacket.

Icebreaker provides an unique code inside all their garments which allows you to track the wool used back to the farm it was produced in.  They call this the “BAACODE” and sew a tag inside each piece that includes a code which you type into their website’s tracking system.  They have unique information on each of their farms, the people behind them, the ethics they search for, and environmental impacts.  It appears that Icebreaker as a company cares deeply for the entire range of their manufacturing process, from the farms to the factories they have documented the entire process, all of which can be seen on videos on the Icebreaker website.  After entering the code, I found that this particular jacket (each jacket may come from a different location) originated in Kennethmont, New Zealand, and was from Merino Sheep raised by Grant Murray.  Yep, Icebreaker has gone so far in transparency that they allow you to know the individual who raises the sheep that made your jacket, or anything else they produce!

The Teton Zip jacket is one of Icebreaker’s higher end jackets, with claims of being both windproof and water resistent.  Icebreaker says it’s their response to the growing softshell market.  The outside layer is somewhat stiff, almost more of a canvas than what you may think of in the softshell market.  The fabric does stretch both vertically and horizontally, and water does bead up and roll off of it, showing that the treatment they do to the outer layer appears to work nicely..  There’s a middle layer under the stiff outer shell which accounts for the wind protection.  Then the inside layer is a wonderful soft 260 weight brushed merino wool accounting for the insulating layer.  The zippers are all wielded with a rubbery plastic which have the appearance of being water resistant as well.

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Icebreaker Teton Zip Back

Speaking of the zipper, you must use caution when zipping or unzipping the jacket as there is a wind flap under the main zipper which is soft and pliable enough to easily get caught and jam the zipper.  This happened on the very first use of the jacket, but after the initial time it’s not been a large problem.

So off to test this jacket’s warmth and wind protection.  While driving around town with the driver’s window down on a night that was 30 fahrenheit, up to 50mph was perfectly fine when an arm was straight out the window.  After a short walk as the temperatures dipped into the mid 20′s, the warmth of the jacket was perfect.  Never felt hot, never felt cold.

So it begins…another long term review from Just{elation} for the Icebreaker Teton Zip Jacket!  We’ll be updating this at the 2, 4, 6, 10, and 12 month points, identifying the high and low points of this product!

Update: After a couple months of using the Icebreaker Teton, it’s holding up extremely well.  At first it was slightly concerning as the jacket was pilling on the inside, originally marked off to the fact that the jacket fit a tad too snugly, but quickly it disappeared indicating that it was just the loose fibers working their way out.  The outer shell of the jacket shows little to no signs of wear at all, a complete bonus!  Still being a tad stiff, it’s loosening up more and more every time I wear it.  The biggest complaint I have currently is that the zipper sometimes snags the inner lining, causing it to be a pain the the rear to unzip.  More updates coming as time rolls on!

Product Being Tested: Icebreaker Teton Zip Jacket

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2 comments on “Icebreaker Teton Zip Jacket
  1. Rabindra says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s too much helpful information. Thanks again.

  2. Harald says:

    this jacket is the best i,d ever bought!!!!!! There is nearly no situation and weather not to wear it near the Allgäuer Alps in Germany throughout the hole year (even on colder days in summer). I hope ICEBREACKER will produce this jacket every year and for a very long future.

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