Injinji Performance Lightweight Socks

Injinji Performance Micro Toe Socks

Injinji Performance Micro Toe Socks

All the cool kids seem to have toe socks these days.  This was all fine and dandy until I found that a performance sock company had started making them, forcing the question of … why?

So on went some research to see what claims they make for why we should use toe socks.  Outside of the super cool looks (or creepy, depending on how you look at it!), there are some claims for them to offer:

  • Increased Balance
  • Warmer Feet
  • Drier Feet
  • Less Smelly Feet
  • Fits Five Finger Shoes
  • Proper Toe Alignment for Natural Feet
  • Protection from Blisters

Naturally with claims like this, a full on test is needed.  So today starts the first day of testing out a pair of Injinji Performance Lightweight Toe socks in their “No-Show” length.  Injinji makes several lengths of No-Show (below the ankle bone) and crew lengths in their lightweight ultra thin socks.  Injinji makes a nice bold statement of colors with a Mariner Blue, Gulf Blue, Fresh Green, Canyon Pink, Grey-White, Black, and Heather Grey.  According to Injinji this weight of sock is made to be worn alone with shoes, or if you prefer extra warmth you can wear them inside of other socks.

So on goes the testing…another Just{elation} long term sock being tested!

Injinji Performance Lightweight Toe Sock Image

Injinji Performance Lightweight Toe Sock

First Impressions: Start the sitting off with a little patience.  They aren’t quite as convenient to put on as a normal sock by any means.  You’ve got to slip your toes up to the individual toes and use your fingers to work each toe into place.  That being said, it’s really not all that difficult either, but after decades of slipping on normal socks it could catch you a little off guard!

They are indeed comfortable, though they do take a little bit to get used to.  After about five minutes theres actually a chance you’ll forget they’re on!  So on goes the test, as time goes on 1, 2, 4, 6, and 12 month updates will happen right here on!

1 Month Update:

After a month of using the Injinji Original Performance Toesock, they’re holding up perfectly well.  That being said, they’ve not gotten tons of use other than as sock liners, keeping toes warm and dry under some warmer Merino Wool outer socks that are warmer.  They do an incredible job at that though, which is one recommended way to use these socks.  It does take a little bit of getting used to with material between your toes, but after the initial period of getting used to them, they perform great at keeping your toes clean and dry.  Putting them on in the morning sometimes requires at least one cup of coffee first, but truth is once you’ve done it a time or two you’re good to go!

There is little to no wear noticed so far, after approximately 12 days of all day use (2 days of mixed hiking/casual, 10 days of all day on the feet thrashing it through a job standing on concrete all day).  They’ve kept their color after multiple washings (cold water/Woolite detergent) and haven’t shrunk.

Product Being Tested:

Injinji Original Performance Toesock, Performance Series, Lightweight, No Show Length

75% Coolmax (R)

22% Nylon

3% Lycra (R)


Purchase from Amazon: Injinji Performance Lightweight No Show Toe Sock

Injinji Performance Toe Sock

Injinji Performance Toe Sock

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