Johnson Hills Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

Trail in Johnson Hills Park, Cincinnati, OH

Trail in Johnson Hills Park, Cincinnati, OH

Johnson Hills Park is a park located in Anderson Township Park District.  While I drive by this park regularly, I’ve never actually stopped to visit it until today.  I was greeted with an empty stone parking lot with a park all to myself!  I took a quick look at the onsite map to find that there’s actually quite a lot to this hidden gem!  I found approximately 4 miles worth of trails which were well marked with colored dots on trees (there’s 4 different trails mapped out throughout the park!).  I hiked the trails today, and was accompanied by several white-tailed deer which stared me down as if I was the only human they’d ever seen.

On the future map of the park I noticed they have big plans to continue improving the area with a nature pond and a Disc Golf course!  After I noticed that plan, I started looking a little closer and decided that yes, indeed it would be a great park for a course with rolling hills, some open fields, and lots of tree-lines to make disc golfers search for their discs.

There is a beautiful older home next to the parking lot, and according to the Anderson Township Park’s website, it was the previous residence to William McNeilan Johnson and his wife Marian B. Johnson.  It doesn’t appear as though the house is currently being used for anything substancial, but I’m sure as funding for this park improves the structure will be well used!

This park is part of the Anderson Township Park District, access is free to the public.

Park Address:

7950 Bridle Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Geocaches in park: GCJG9K, GC2JGA5, GC35FPQ, GC2TD9R, GC2TD9B, GC1ZDPN, GC2AV6Q

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