Mountain Khaki Alpine Utility Pants

Mountain Khaki Alpine Pants

Mountain Khaki Alpine Pants

Today a company can truly shine when they make a product that is quality straight down to it’s core.  Just{elation} consistently finds that Mountain Khaki Clothing typically stands up to the worst of conditions and comes out asking for more at the end.  They tend to make clothing for the people who are rough and tough on things, you know, the people who seem to abuse things far more than they should.

Not surprisingly, the Mountain Khaki Alpine Utility Pants they make seem extremely solid.  They’re made from a Mountain Khaki specific double weave cotton canvas, which new off the shelf spells stiff and tough feeling.  The canvas has an extremely thick and durable feel, like something you’d not expect pants to be made from…maybe better suited for an US Army canvas tent material or something.  The pants are triple stitched, and feature a Grosgrain ribbon waist-band to keep the waist from stretching. They also come with reinforced knee and seat panels, double layered construction to prevent breakthroughs in areas that take lots of abuse.  Add to that the side utility double pocket, and you’ve got an ideally constructed pair of rough and tough pants.

Upon first wearing them, you do indeed notice the thickness of the canvas making them stiff and rugged feeling.  This may be a problem for some, though the roomy cut helps to make them incredible feeling all around.  Clipping a pocket knife to the inside of any of the pockets proves incredibly simple as the canvas holds it’s form perfectly under the pressure of the clip pressing against it.  The side pocket in the right knee area is a great place for a knife, flashlight, or other such device, but don’t plan on putting your cell phone in there as today’s smartphones are a tad bit too wide to fit in it.  The embroidered MK logo is a great touch, showing the level of commitment Mountain Khaki shows in their products.

After 6 months of using them, They continue to look like brand new.  While they don’t get worn everyday, they were worn around 50% of the days in the past 6 months.  They’re comfortable while hiking, and the durable canvas tends to laugh at the thorns and stick’s attempts to bully them.  There’s not one place that the pants are looking worn out, instead the spilled coffee spills continue to not effect them at all.  The zipper continues to be solid, with never an issue at all.  After 6 months of using the Mountain Khaki Alpine Utility Pants, Just{elation} sees absolutely nothing wrong with them, and thus can say that they are a great choice of pants!

Another Review coming in 2 Months

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    How do they do in the rain?

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