OluKai ‘Ohana Sandals

OluKai Ohana Sandals Image

OluKai Ohana Sandals

Absolutely everyone needs quality sandals…’er…flip flops?

Call them ‘slippers’ if you care to…but for now, we’ll refer to them as Flops…because that’s just fun!

When searching for new Flops, your search can begin and end with one company…OluKai.  The name is born from the Hawaiian words Olu + Kai…go figure…more importantly, Olu means “Comfort” and Kai means “Ocean” which describes OluKai shoes perfectly.  They’re comfortable, and they make you want to hang out at the Ocean.

They make several sandals and shoes, but this review specifically refers to the Olukai ‘Ohana Sandals.  Second to none in comfort, OluKai should win almost every prize for comfort in the book.

OluKai Ohana Sole Image

OluKai Ohana Sole

Being part of OluKai’s Makai collection (meaning “toward the ocean”) the ‘Ohana is considered waterproof, so to the beach we go!  The footbed is made of an incredibly supportive anatomically molded EVA material that has insane comfort built in with just the right amount of cush to keep your feet happy.  Do be careful though as when the footbed gets wet, it’s fairly slippery!  Don’t dispair though, they dry out incredibly quickly.  The sole of the shoe is made of a non-marking gum rubber, with what they refer to as a coral reef lug design for extra grip…which does a pretty good job at keeping you exactly where you put your feet!

The strap is made of a synthetic leather, with a jersey lining and a neoprene backing, with translates to a feeling of pure bliss…are you catching the fact that these are without doubt the most comfortable sandals ever?  If not you’re not reading…because they are.

Sizing is simple…get the size of shoe you’d normally wear.  I tend to like my sandals being slightly large, so I went with an 11, and they are perfect.  The arch support hits my arch in just the right place while the strap started off a bit snug.  After a few miles in them, the strap stretched to the perfect fit, never rubbing my foot raw in any way.

OluKai Ohana Black Sandals Image

OluKai Ohana Black/Dark Shadow Sandals

Durability is a concern with flip-flops…having ripped through a lot of flip flops, these are some of the most durable around.  I’ve traversed some rather intense hikes in Thailand with these (yeah, the kind of hikes most people wear boots for…but hey, when in Thailand, do as the Thai’s do, right?).  They served me well on the hot (and I mean HOT) sandy beaches in Phuket and some of the islands off Rayong…they held up perfectly through the downpours of the Chiang Mai Night Bizarre, and through countless villages in Burma…and after 2 years of use, I’m still planning on wearing them more…but I’ve also added a pair of the black/dark shadow ‘Ohana’s to keep my feet happy now!

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2 comments on “OluKai ‘Ohana Sandals
  1. Izehumah says:

    i would wear more than 1 ohana flip flop to school in April May June July August September October with anything like Navy shorts dri fit shorts men leggings

  2. Judy Hancock says:

    Where do I buy them?

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