REI Merino Wool Light Hiker II Socks

REI Light Hiker II Socks

REI Light Hiker II Socks

In combination with the long term test Just{elation} is performing on the REI Merino Wool Low Light Hiker socks, it seemed very fitting to do a REI Merino Wool Light Hiker II sock review too!  With all the natural benefits of warmth, breathability, and anti-smell characteristics of the Merino wool, REI has combined in Nylon (20%) and Lycra (2%) to help these socks stay snug to your feet.  Their Lin-Toe design seams are unnoticeable and don’t irritate your feet as you hike.

When wearing these socks, you’ll notice the mid-weight cushioning that makes these perfect for cool to cold weather hikes (or they’re comfy around the house!).  REI produces them in Khaki and Grey colors to complement most hiking fashion platforms.   They also produce thicker weight socks, but we’ll keep that for another review another day!

First Impressions:  They fit very similarly to the REI Merino Wool Low Light Hiking socks.  This being that they fit roomy in the toe area.  The future will tell if it is too roomy and causes the sock to bunch up in shoes or if they’ve added the right amount of nylon & Lycra to allow your toes to breathe while keeping the sock from being problematic.

Another update coming in 1 month!

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