Just{elation} is all about having fun in the outdoors.  Be it hiking or camping, biking or disc golf, enjoying the local park or volunteering at a local charity, Just{elation} wants the outdoors to be enjoyed.  With all outdoor (and indoor) activities, there always involves some risk.  When enjoying the outdoors, often people tend to leave things at home, runners and bikers often don’t have wallets on them, which also leaves behind identification.  Think about the last time you went on an outdoor adventure of any sort and left your ID behind…what would happen if you had an accident or got rather ill suddenly?  How would help be able to know who you are or who to contact in case of an emergency?

RoadID Wrist ID Sport

RoadID Wrist ID Sport

RoadID desires to help with that.   They make several different products to help ensure that any rescue or help personell has access to the information they need extremely quickly.  All of them include your name, a phone number of a close relative or friend, then there are other options, such as a second contact, a personalized message, even some with an online access code to grant hospitals and emergency access to detailed information that you may desire to give them access to (including allergies, insurance information, family physician contacts, etc…available in the interactive versions only).

My RoadID is an interactive version, on the front giving contact information easily for my family to be contacted quickly in case of an emergency, on the back is an online access code and password, with instructions on how to retrieve such information.  The ordering process couldn’t have been easier or faster.  I received my Wrist ID Sport in about a week from when I ordered it, and it came exactly how I expected it.  The laser etched printing looked extremely clear and legible.  I placed the band on my wrist, and found that it was light and not heavy at all.  After a short time of wearing the Wrist ID Sport, I easily forgot I was wearing it.

With several different styles and colors, ranging from their wrist band models to ankle bands, or even some that attach to your shoe laces, make sure to order one that works for you today!  Bring some piece of mind to those who care about you and ensure they know you’re wearing some ID when you go out next time!

Click this link to order your RoadID today!

Click this link to order your RoadID today!

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