Sanuk Pick Pocket Sandals

Sometimes things last forever, other things don’t.  After 4 beloved years of backyard BBQ’s and thrashing city streets, my beloved Sanuk Pick Pocket Sandals are fairly well done with.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have them…and until there is an actual hole in the sole I’ll probably keep them!  They became part of me.  I used them all over the world, my go-to footwear while living in southeast Asia, they stuck with me during woodworking projects in the garage for hours on hot summer days.  But since I’ve got a few pounds to loose, the cushiony sole lost all it’s cush.  The canvas?  Perfectly fine.  I’m not sure what they make these things with, but they claim it to be a “handmade textile” according to their website.

Sanuk Pick Pocket Image

Sanuk Pick Pocket

Alas, the cush was crushed, and the sole was rather worn out, so it was time to replace them.  What do you replace your favorite with?  The exact same thing of course!  I’d actually somewhat forgotten how comfortable these things are when they’re new!  The high rebound EVA footbed (which is treated with AEGIS, an antimicrobial additive) actually has a wonderful amount of cushioning, reminding me again why it’s always worth the cash to get new shoes.  So I slipped a $20 bill in the pocket and my ID and off to the grocery store I went…I love the fact you can keep some things in the top of the shoe (the tongue area) and have it actually stay there without worries.

The Sanuk’s run true to size, with only whole sizes available.  Another bonus?  They’re vegan friendly…if you’re a vegan you’ll love it, otherwise you may just not care?

Would I recommend the Sanuk’s?  Easily yes…or I wouldn’t have gotten another pair!  The name Sanuk (learned from my Thailand days) means fun, or happy…which is what my feet are when I’m casually kickin’ it in these shoe…er…sandals!  Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on how this pair works out too!

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