Smartwool Midweight Wool Sweater

Smartweight Midweight Wool Crew Sweater Image

Smartweight Midweight Wool Crew Sweater

Smartwool has been a leader in the Merino Wool market since 1994 when they got their start in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The company was acquired by the Timberland Company in 2005.  In their lineup is the Smartwool Midweight Crew Sweater, one of the favorites here at Just{elation} for it’s natural warmth and breathability.

Let’s start with why you’d even want a Merino Wool Base Layer.  According Smartwool (and a plethora of other wool experts), the natural anti-microbial aspects are a highlight of Merino Wool…because it keeps it stinky-free as it prevents odor causing bacteria.  Want warmth?  Ok…it’s naturally a warm material, retaining some insulating qualities even when it gets damp.

You are active…and demand breathability, right? Well, Merino Wool really shines in breathability aspects.  Merino naturally wicks water vapor away from your skin, allowing insane breathability!  This helps keep your skin dry and warm, or wicks the moisture away to cause cooling…the dual purpose allows Merino Wool to be a perfect climate control fabric.  Reducing sweat on your skin while hiking, biking, camping, climbing, grilling, sleeping, walking, ok…you get it, keeping sweat off your skin before it even forms into droplets is kind of a big deal…and Smartwool makes a great product to do just that.

Definately note that these are base-layers…meaning just that…it’s a base to your clothing.  All the advantages of breathability can quickly be lost if you cover it with the wrong rain jacket, one that doesn’t breathe supurbly and you’ll find yourself contained in a humid mess still.  The sweater was tested using the Mountain Hardwear Ampato Rain Jacket, on a rainy, 50° day.  After a 5 mile hike, with over an inch of rain falling that morning, they worked seamlessly together to get me back home dry, warm, and happy as could be that I could enjoy the outdoors on a rainy day!

Product Being Tested: Smartwool Midweight Crew Sweater

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2 comments on “Smartwool Midweight Wool Sweater
  1. Kerri says:

    I love the Smartwool base layers! I have micro, light and mid weight layers and use them exclusively when backpacking in the Smokies. I will sleep in them year round in the mountains. I have not used them as a base layer during hiking though as I tend to get hot quickly. I may try the short sleeved model though after reading your review.

  2. cuando cobro says:

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    jumping pro

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