Snow Peak Carry On Chopsticks

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Snow Peak Chopsticks

Who doesn’t like some delicious Chinese food sometimes?

Nobody.  It’s delicious, in fact, most all Asian food is great!

And who hasn’t had the enjoyment of learning to use chopsticks?  The problem isn’t so much learning it as it’s not so difficult with a little practice…the problem being those cheap…er…inexpensive disposable chopsticks that the Chinese restaurant dishes out with the cute take out containers.  They break…often.  And they sometimes are rough and delve out splinters from time to time.  And what happens when you’re done with the meal?  You toss them in the landfill.  Not directly, but we all know that’s where they go!

The answer?

Simple.  Snow Peak Carry On Chopsticks.  They’re incredible.  Ok, there are other options, but Snow Peak makes normal products great.  The Carry On Chopsticks are no exception.  They’re designed to unscrew in the middle, separating the stainless steel ends from the recycled baseball bat wooden ends (the part that holds your food is the old baseball bat!).  The top end of the stainless steel handle end has a brass pressure fit cap (pressure created by a rubber “O” ring) which opens up to perfectly fit the wooden tips inside.  This allows them to fit conveniently into the custom fit carrying case they come with, as well as protecting the wood from breaking if anything moderately bad happens to them.

The Snow Peak Carry On Chopsticks weigh a whopping 28 grams…light enough to carry with you all the time, especially since the carrying case happens to contain a leather lanyard that allows you to wear your chopsticks around your neck at all times…in case of a Chinese food emergency.  At 8.5″ when in the useable state, when stowed in the handle, they measure only 4.5″, and are .25″ in diameter.

Stay tuned for updates here, as these will be used rather regularly!

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Snow Peak Carry-On Chopsticks with Dinner Image

I fully admit that I feel pretty awesome every time I break out my own high-end chopsticks whenever I’m at a Chinese Restaurant! They really do work well, and the convenient carrying case makes them easy to keep in your car…you know, for those Chopstick emergencies!

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