Superfeet – Green

Being outdoors typically means being on your feet a lot.  Being on your feet a lot means you may need some comfortable shoes…or insoles in your shoes…or both.

Superfeet - Green

Superfeet – Green

Superfeet has been making insoles since the 1970′s.  Started by 2 podiatrists in Seattle they have continued to produce  orthotic insoles ever since.  They currently have several lines of insoles made specifically for the differences in our feet and shoes.  They’ve put years of research into the development of their insoles, studying the biomechanics of the human body to ensure their insoles are helping to properly support and align your entire body.

Their claims are that an improperly aligned foot can cause foot & ankle pain, knee stress, hip joint stress, lower back pain, spinal distortion, and neck pain.  They go on to say that users of their insoles experience better shock absorption, reduced pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel spurs, more efficient strides, and improved posture and balance.  This is all backed by a 60 day no questions asked comfort promise.  Not to say that it won’t take a little time to get used to them, but instead they ask that you try them for 60 days, that you should try them for a little while each day to get them broke in and for them to work with your body to get used to them.  If after that point you don’t like them? Return them to Superfeet…they’ll refund your cash.

So these are some pretty bold claims, so Just{elation} set out to try them out…for a 1 year test.  Superfeet offers many different styles, so the basics are as follows:

  • Green – Their most popular model is the Green (all models appropriately named after the color they sport!).  They provide the most shock absorption of any of their models, and are good for medium to high arch feet.  With their maximum support and shock absorption, they are great for running, hiking, construction, etc. (Also available in Wide)
  • Blue – For shoes with less room, and people with lower arches, the Blue fits a wide variety of individuals.  Fits well into several running, walking, construction shoes as well as most casual and dress shoes.
  • Orange – Made with a heel shockpad to be ideal for men who are on their feet all day, whether they are standing, hiking or running.  Still great for those with medium to high arches.
  • Berry – Made specifically for women, this insole also has medium to high arch support and works well with women’s athletic and industrial shoes (or just roomy shoes!)
  • Copper DMP – Contains a foam that naturally molds to the contour of your foot with repeated use.  Other insoles do this as well, though normally through a process of heating it up in an oven or microwave.  This uses your foot in the shoe over a short period of time to mold to your foot in it’s natural position.
  • Black – Ideal for all arch types, the Black fits well in smaller shoes including dress, casual, cycling, golf, and smaller running shoes.

Well, it’s time to get more testing in.  Just{elation} is using a set of Green insoles in this long term test. There will be updates in 1, 2, 4, 6, & 12 months to describe the use, comfort, benefits, and dislikes of them.  Stay Tuned!

Product being tested:  Superfeet Green

Purchase from Amazon: Superfeet Green Premium Insoles

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