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Topeak Road Morph G Bike Pump

Biking is something everyone enjoys.  Whether you’re in the African bush, or the streets of Siagon…or your local neighborhood…you’ll always find someone riding a bike.  And with someone riding a bike, you’ll almost always also end up finding someone who’s

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OluKai ‘Ohana Sandals

Absolutely everyone needs quality sandals…’er…flip flops? Call them ‘slippers’ if you care to…but for now, we’ll refer to them as Flops…because that’s just fun! When searching for new Flops, your search can begin and end with one company…OluKai.  The name

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Mountain Hardwear Beemer Jacket

What do you want in a good softshell jacket? Wind Resistent? Water Resistant? Lightweight? Well, welcome to the Mountain Hardwear Beemer Jacket!  A softshell jacket with incredible quality shown in the seams and stitching details no matter where you look.

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Icebreaker Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt

Icebreaker makes good stuff.  End of story. Oh, you want more information on the Icebreaker Tech T Lite Short Sleeve Shirt?  Ok…since you asked…Icebreaker makes most of their gear using Merino Wool.  They’ve done a great system with all their

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Icebreaker Hike+ Crew Socks

You’ve got to know when enough is enough buying socks.  Here at Just{elation} we love some Merino Wool socks, so cheers to starting a review of the Icebreaker Hike+ Crew Socks. In a word: Comfortable. …or durable… …or not smelly…

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Smartwool Midweight Wool Sweater

Smartwool has been a leader in the Merino Wool market since 1994 when they got their start in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The company was acquired by the Timberland Company in 2005.  In their lineup is the Smartwool Midweight Crew Sweater, one of

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Mountain Hardwear Mountain Tech Jacket

You want a windproof fleece jacket?  No problem.  That’s what the designers of the Mountain Hardwear Mountain Tech Jacket must have been after!  With Mountain Hardwear’s AirShield Core liner, go ahead and face the arctic winds with this jacket, remembering some

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Sanuk Pick Pocket Sandals

Sometimes things last forever, other things don’t.  After 4 beloved years of backyard BBQ’s and thrashing city streets, my beloved Sanuk Pick Pocket Sandals are fairly well done with.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have them…and until there is

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Mountain Hardwear Ampato Rain Jacket

With springtime among us, it’s time for everyone to start looking at raincoats again.  And the questions always pour in, which one should I get?  Why?  Do I need GoreTex?  Do I want eVent?  What’s the difference? Well, Just{elation} doesn’t

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Icebreaker Teton Zip Jacket

With the start of 2013 came a cold blast of air, and quickly winter coats and jackets were the normal apparel for anyone outdoors.  This prompted a desire to review yet more Merino Wool products, this round comes from New

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