Withrow Nature Preserve, Cincinnati, Ohio


Fall Foliage at Withrow Nature Preserve

Fall Foliage at Withrow Nature Preserve

Withrow Nature Preserve is a smaller park located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I visited this park in October of 2012 with my sister to get out and enjoy the unseasonably warm fall weather.  The park is well maintained with a 2 mile nature trail which has a great scenic overlook to the Ohio River.  The Hamilton County Park District’s site makes claims to this being a great outdoor wedding location for weddings up to 100 people, I’d agree that the park would make a great setting!

The trails in Withrow Nature Preserve are very well kept.  During the 2 mile hike there were a few easy hills to negotiate, of which had great footholds, nothing difficult in any way.  There is a historic church on the property which is incredible, I highly recommend going when it is open to learn about the history!

This park is part of the Hamilton County Park District.  They require a motor vehicle permit to enter (as of 11/1/2012, $3 daily or $10 per calendar year).

Park Address:

7075 Five Mile Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Geocaches in Park: GC2XCND, GCTV27, GC3FV20 & GCYXP3

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