10 Awesome Travel Products Must Have Travel Gear & Accessories In 2021

Gadgets we find extremely useful when traveling! Some of these are absolute essentials and others not so much so, but they do make our life easier and more enjoyable. Let us know what other gadgets you find useful to have with you when you travel? Some links to the products are listed below - these are not affiliate links and should be used as a starting point to find your perfect product. 00:00 Intro 3:06 Travel Power Strip https://amzn.to/3c9UG99 4:18 Black Diamond Headlamp Storm 400 https://amzn.to/2SM0mzu 5:02 USB Mosquito Pad Heater 5:56 Airplane Headphone Adapter https://amzn.to/3fBASgY 6:50 Headphone Splitter https://amzn.to/3z2HAVc 7:25 Luggage packing cubes https://amzn.to/3fDxD8Z 9:30 Laundry Mesh Bags https://amzn.to/3c5PEui 10:25 Scrubba Laundry Bag https://amzn.to/34CyWhX 13:15 Travel Laundry Line https://amzn.to/3c8Cw7Q 13:55 Stainless Steel S-Hooks https://amzn.to/3wP9HW2 14:55 IncredaPeg https://incredapeg.com/ 15:40 Ultralight Drybag https://amzn.to/3vHxg2F 17:50 Pen-style Screwdriver Set https://amzn.to/2RamBhX 18:50 Compact folding Knife 20:20 Folding Cellphone Stand 22:16 Silicone Rings 23:00 Multifunctional Headwear https://amzn.to/34y2JIT 24:35 Survival Water Filter https://www.survivorfilter.com ABOUT US: Hi! We're Andre & Lisa! Married for 13 years. Travelling together for 17 years. We’ve been full-time travellers and nomads since 2018. Exploring the world, living on our own terms and showing you how we figure things out along the way. You can find our blog at www.wewillnomad.com where we post regularly about the destinations we visit along with travel tips and what we spend on travelling. We also release regular Podcast Episodes on travel and budget-related topics. ▬▬▬ B E F R I E N D S: + Email List — https://www.wewillnomad.com/friends + Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/wewillnomad + Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/wewillnomad + Twitter — https://www.twitter.com/wewillnomad ▬▬▬ D E A L S: ✈ Get $40 USD FREE, Airbnb Sign Up — https://bit.

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