17 Minimalist Packing Tips For Weekend Trips & Everyday Carry How To Pack Better For Travel & EDC

These minimalist packing tips will help you pack better for travel and everyday carry. Each tip is inspired by a member of our Pack Hacker Pro Community. Learn more about Pro: https://packhacker.com/pro/ Packing Lists: https://packhacker.com/packing-list/ Gear Reviews: https://packhacker.com/travel-gear/ Daypack Guide: https://packhacker.com/guide/best-travel-daypack/ 0:00 - Intro 1:06 - Carry Space-Efficient Gear 2:07 - Go For Versatility 3:58 - Reduce Bulk 4:44 - Roll Your Own 5:50 - Pack Hacker Pro 6:54 - Let Your Bag Do The Work 8:28 - Aim For Grab & Go Simplicity 9:13 - Bring A Packable Bag 9:51 - Clean Up Your Cables 10:37 - Pack Light 11:29 - Bring Backups 12:36 - Segment & Modularize Gear 13:27 - Invest In The Best 14:11 - Find A Brand You Love 15:02 - Stay Secure 15:51 - Create Your System 16:33 - Add Some Luxury 17:40 - Always Be Iterating RELATED VIDEOS 10 Minimalist Packing Tips For Your Next Trip: https://youtu.be/HhaJBpNr5zs 10 Minimalist Packing Tips For Cold Weather: https://youtu.be/DKVRsjQ6e38 Packable Puffer Jackets: https://youtu.be/xytBUeyzlLs The Ultimate Laptop Bag Guide:

be/pSO9pSTK28Q" target="_blank">https://youtu.be/pSO9pSTK28Q
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