$20 HD Action Camera from Digital Essentials Five Below Review

Today I'm taking a look at the new High Definition Action Camera from Five Below. This camera is brought to us under the Digital Essentials brand, and is one of the more expensive items in Five Below at the moment coming in at $20. That being said, this is still a cheap action camera when you take into account all of the additional accessories that are packed into this kit. The real questions is whether or not it's actually worth the asking price. __________ 0:00 - Intro 1:59 - Kit Contents 3:12 - Oddities 6:05 - Camera Overview 9:51 - Test Footage 13:18 - Still Mode 14:43 - Voice Recorder Mode 17:30 - Webcam Mode 18:14 - Accessories 21:02 - Outro __________ https://discord.gg/gsWPsfJ https://twitter.com/Cly_Faker https://www.

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