2020 Amazon Prime (Travel Gear)

On this 2020 Amazon Prime Day, I am sharing travel gear, travel bags and travel accessories for you. I have flown with most of these items. Some are on my Christmas list. As a pilot wife I have put these travel items to the test inside airplanes, inside my carry-on suitcase, through different packing methods and in hotels for over the last 18 years. The travel bags are the first item on my Amazon Prime list for 2020. #giftguide #travelgifts Try Amazon Prime for free: https://amzn.to/3jRHDuO Give the gift of Amazon Prime: https://amzn.to/3nItFh6 My UPDATED Travel Gear on Amazon: http://bit.ly/MyTravelTipsAmazonStore Today's links: Striped bag: https://bit.ly/2L1pHRM Light interior bag: https://www.lilyanddrew.com/product/tb190007/ Also half off: https://bit.ly/3lBiOUq (for Prime) Travel packing system: https://bit.ly/33ONuM1 Neck pillow: https://bit.ly/2Z3LUFk My suitcase: https://bit.ly/2VJVc4l Small suitcase: https://bit.ly/3f5JM30 Spirit Airlines bag: https://bit.ly/3dzWLL6 Travelon cup holder: https://bit.ly/2SLdi5f Travel phone mount: https://bit.ly/3nFcDk9 Phone holder flap: https://bit.ly/31huB2L Seat cover: https://bit.ly/3lDFW4L Laptop cover: https://bit.ly/2WSR4Sz Sleep eye mask: https://bit.ly/36SggNG Kids tray table cover: https://bit.ly/3fZnNeB iCloths: https://bit.ly/3aFwlWM Insect repellent: https://bit.ly/3lBxgMh Tide sink packets: https://bit.ly/2VjFSyl Travel power strip: https://bit.ly/2SNsVZT Door opener: https://bit.ly/2SK75GK My compression cubes: https://bit.ly/2GC9xNi Mesh compression cubes: https://bit.ly/3ly5rED Shampoo bottles: https://bit.ly/3djsdwZ Soap sheets: https://bit.ly/36RfiRP Ultraviolet wand: https://bit.ly/34l98s1 CPAP mask wipes: https://bit.ly/2GPOFSD Eyeshadow brush container: https://bit.ly/2UpFBrB Cord organizer: https://bit.ly/2zP3Fw3 Hiking shoes: https://bit.ly/2BWvSSK or on Amazon: https://bit.ly/2IKd8cJ Sandals: https://bit.ly/2WZb71c Liquids bag: https://bit.ly/2GEBDHJ Similar: https://bit.ly/3lCxrqM Pouches mesh: https://bit.ly/36X6UjU Customizable pouches: https://bit.ly/36X6UjU Pink wallet: https://bit.ly/3cTgFzk Crossbody purse: https://bit.ly/2ZxUDi6 ***Added: 4time power bank travel phone charger: https://bit.ly/2H1fy5W Other Travel Tip Videos: https://bit.ly/HowPackCarryOn https://bit.ly/SafetyPrecautionsWhenTravel https://bit.ly/TravelWinterTips https://bit.ly/PackCompressionCubes https://bit.ly/AirportChangesPostCOVID https://bit.ly/HugeTSAChanges http://bit.ly/6PackingMethods https://bit.

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