7 Best New Backpacks 2019 For Travel Backpack, Secure Backpack

1- Ranger Backpack and Roam Field Bag from Ridgemont. Backpack and field bag expertly crafted from waxed canvas and oiled leather. 2- Lunchbox: The Anti-Theft Hydration Pack for Active Adventure. Designed to protect valuables, speed through water refill, and fit your individual style. It's the last adventure bag you'll ever need. 3- The 24Seven Backpack & Card System __ From Uncharted Supply Company. The 24Seven Backpack and CARD System from Uncharted Supply Co. Expertly designed to keep you safe in an emergency situation, while adapting to your everyday needs whether traveling, exploring, learning, or working.

4- The WAYKS ONE: A sustainable & transformable Travel Backpack. A sustainably made, modular backpack, that converts from a carry-on Travel Backpack into a smaller Day Pack + Camera / Cooler Bag 5- PleatPack - The Most Functional Tech Backpack Ever. Thin tech backpack with a unique expandable system, which allows you to expand the bag up to 450%! 6- Quiver X: Ultimate 3-in-1 Everyday Backpack. Designed with the daily commuter, active gym-goer and frequent traveller in mind. 7- LOCTOTE Cinch Pack - World's Most Secure Backpack. Built to protect your valuables when you're carrying them and when you can’t have an eye on them. -