7 Best Travel Backpacks [2021 EPIC Guide]

The 7 Best Travel Backpacks // Pros and cons // Brutally honest review // Which pack is for you? ********** Categories: #1 - Best Feature Heavy Travel backpack: Peak Design Travel Backpack → Loads of pockets, external straps, lockable zippers, stowable straps, etc. Review → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IheLoqj83Tg Check Price → https://bit.ly/2zesh14 #2 - Best Travel Backpack for Tech Gear: Tortuga Outbreaker→ The softest laptop compartment we have ever seen, along with a simple organization system. Review → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPR6V8ORe1w Check Price →https://bit.ly/33KeOcE #3 - Best Minimalist Travel Backpack: Arcido Akra → Extremely simple to use, along with great materials. Review → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWKBRb2NwlE Check Price → http://shrsl.com/26np5 #4 - Best Business Travel Backpack : Nomatic travel bag → The most professional looking bag on this list. Review → https://youtu.be/iAuLx4EfEbo Check Price → http://shrsl.com/26nsj #5 - Best Budget Travel Backpack: Osprey Farpoint 40 → Excellent pack for an excellent price. Review → https://www.

Check Price → https://bit.ly/39hf0RH #6 - Best One Bag Travel Backpack: Aer Capsule pack → Fantastic organization and perfect for carry-on. Review → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KWxE1lIhoI Check Price → http://shrsl.com/26nnp #7 - Best Travel Backpack For Hikers /Adventurers/ Photographers: WANDRD FERNWEH → Proper trekking backpack with a neat camera feature. Review → https://youtu.be/JxAna3HVBgU Check Price → http://shrsl.com/2rrl0 ********** TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro 0:47 - Backpack theory 1:17 - Feature Heavy 4:05 - Tech Gear 6:57 - Minimalist 9:00 - Business 11:30 - Budget 14:17 - One Bag Travel 16:45 - Adventure/photo 18:55 - Aaron chat ********** Looking to have YOUR backpack reviewed? Contact Aaron at Aaron@nomadsnation.com ********** Affiliate Disclosure - We hope you enjoyed our 7 Best Travel Backpacks review! Here at Nomads Nation™, we thrive to create the best travel content on the web! To do that we create EPIC videos that take a lot of time and money, so we monetize our videos with affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of our links and make a purchase, we make a small commission - at no extra cost to you! Using our links for purchases is the best way to support the channel so we can keep making amazing videos. If you aren’t going to make a purchase, but still want to show us some love - then smash that subscribe button! Thanks for the love! :) ********** Free gear disclosure - Sometimes we buy our own gear and review it. Sometimes companies send us gear for free in exchange for a review. We never agree to sponsored content, brand deals, or product placements. If a company does send us free gear, it doesn’t affect our review/opinion of the product. Our reviews are honest - if a product sucks, we’ll let you know.