Aeropress Coffee Maker Review

We’ve already concluded that you’re a coffee addict with our review of the Chemex system.  But the Chemex is glass, and when camping glass isn’t always the first thing you may want…alas, there’s another incredible option.


Meet the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.  An amazing little contraption that makes being a pretend barista wannabe look easy!  Made by the makers of the Aerobie Frisbee (which sets records all the time for being so awesome!) the AeroPress brings a whole new level of simple to coffee making…and does it with incredible taste in mind.


So what on earth is it and why should everyone own one?  Simple.  That’s actually why.  Here’s the basics of how you brew with it…though as always, you’ll have to do a few test runs to perfect your preference in coffee…like it strong or weak, you’ll have low-acid coffee in your mug in less than a minute from when you have hot water ready!


Step 1:  Take a new, fresh filter (a pack is included with your new Aeropress) and add it to the black lid-looking cap with lots of holes in it.  Pour some water over it to rinse out any remaining paper residue.  Attach the filter holder to the non-plunger portion of the AeroPress.


Step 2:  Use the included scoop to add a scoop of freshly roasted delicious fine ground coffee grounds to the  brewing chamber.  Add a scoop for each additional cup you want to brew at the same time.  My recommendation is to use 2 scoops for 1 ‘normal’ sized coffee mug.  Place the brew chamber over a sturdy normal-size mug.


Step 3:  Add hot water…not boiling hot, Aerobie recommends water temperature to be 165-175° to brew in the AeroPress.  This helps keep the acidity level to a minimum.


Step 4:  Stir with the included stirring apparatus.  Use the included one to prevent damage to the filter!


Step 5: Leave it be.  Let’s call this the ‘waiting’ part…wait for 20 seconds and move on to Step 6.


Step 6:  Now for the fun!  Take the plunger and put it in the brewing chamber.  Slowly press the plunger down with gentle pressure, and take around 20 seconds to press the water through the grounds and filter.


Step 7:  You’re basically done…you’ve made a shot or 2 of rich espresso.  If you’d like it to be an Americano, simply add more hot water to the mug and enjoy!  If you’d rather have a Latte, add hot whole milk!


It’s really that simple.  Once the brewer cools off a tad, remove the filter holder, press the plunger further over a trash can…er…composting bin.  Rinse everything out, clean it to your standard of clean, and you’re ready for next time!


It comes with 350 filters, allowing you 1 cup-a-joe a day for *almost* a year…assuming you’ll find yourself skipping a day, you’ll have to spend less than $5 a year for new filters, currently around a pennie a piece!


In short, the Aeropress makes a smooth espresso-like substance, which you can use to make whatever you’d like…add hot water for an Americano…add hot milk for a latte…pour over ice for iced coffee…make a whole batch of it in a pitcher (repeat the process as much as you care to) and store it in the fridge, it’s so pure it keeps in the refrigerator for a few days!  So get one…they’re awesome.