Best Cameras for Underwater Photography

Best Cameras for Underwater Photography, is the next episode in our series on Underwater Photography and Videography. Lyell will try to make sense of the confusing world of different camera options and accessories and introduce to some of the best options that you may wish to use to pursue your goals of taking great underwater photos and video! Sealife Sport Diver Case (iPhone underwater case): Diveroid Case for Smartphone: DJI Osmo Action Camera: DJI Osmo Action Camera Underwater Housing: Sealife DC2000 Compact Camera: Olympus TG6: Olympus E-PL10 Mirrorless Camera:

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Chapters: 0:00 So many choices!! 0:25 Welcome to Everything Scuba! 1:41 iPhone and Android Smartphone options and cases 2:59 DJI Osmo Action Camera 5:05 Sealife DC2000 Compact Camera 8:50 DSLR vs Mirrorless 13:39 Olympus E-PL10 Mirrorless Camera 17:49 Regardless of which camera you use, do you have the dive skills necessary to take great shots underwater? Subscribe to Everything Scuba (If you're already subscribed, thanks! We appreciate your support!) ----------------------------------------------- Connect with Everything Scuba Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------- ***Disclaimer: Everything Scuba firmly believes you can not teach someone to dive through the internet. We strongly urge people to ensure they receive dive instruction through an internationally recognized training agency and to dive safely and within the limits of their certification level at all times. Our channel is aimed at already-certified divers looking to further their skills.*** ---------------------------------------------- In accordance with COPPA laws, please note that content on the channel Everything Scuba is not specifically made for, or targeted at, children.