Best Compression Packing Cubes Set on Amazon TRIPPED Travel Gear

Best Compression Packing Cubes Set on Amazon TRIPPED Travel Gear --------------- TRIPPED COMPRESSION CUBES TRIPPED PACKABLE BACKPACK OUR FREE AMAZON FBA ECOURSE ----------------- VISIT OUR WEBSITES: Tim + Fin Travel Blog Tripped Travel Gear ---------------- MAKE VIDEOS LIKE US: Fin takes you behind the scenes to edit (and get 50% off): The music we used in this episode. Try free for 30 days: ----------------- SOCIAL: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: EMAIL: ---------------- Throughout a year of travel, compression cubes kept things organized and the situation more manageable. Think of them as dresser drawers for your backpack. You can separate shirts and pants and they get less wrinkled when they aren’t just thrown haphazardly in the backpack. Product Description: EASY TO USE! Durable double zipper compression system removes air, compresses clothing, and helps you save space in your luggage so you can always hit carryon size. TOUGHER THAN THE OTHER GUYS! Smooth rip-stop nylon is ultra lightweight and extra strong. Nylon is water resistant and translucent so that contents are semi-visible and easily identifiable. Zippers work smoothly and snag free. ARRIVE ORGANIZED AND KEEP YOUR LUGGAGE CARRYON SIZE- This two piece set will help you compress your clothing into less space than you thought possible! Clothes no longer shift in transit. Great way to stay organized for round the world travel, backpacking, camping, hiking, rv, cruise, and holidays. HOW MUCH DOES THIS SET HOLD? Large bag holds a week worth of shirts/ medium holds a week worth of underwear/socks. Example: Large holds rainjacket, zip hoodie, Longsleeve tshirt, and a cardigan. Medium will hold 5 womens size medium tshirts. Quick Grab Handle for easy carry or to pull out of a packed backpack! Two bag set of Large and Medium. Large Dimensions Zipped/Compressed size: 14x10x1in Expanded Size : 14x10x4in Medium Dimensions Zipped/Compressed size 10x7x1in Expanded Size: 10x7x4in SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Never heard of TRIPPED Travel Gear? We’re here to put out the best travel accessories possible at a fraction the cost of the competition. Give us a shot- we stand behind everything we make and guarantee you’ll love it.

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