Best Underwater Video Camera - Sony a6500 vs Gopro Hero 7 Black

Which underwater camera is better for you? We go scuba diving to compare a Sony a6500 to a Gopro Hero 7 Black. For the Sony we are using a Seafrogs Salted line housing with 6" dome port. For the Gopro we are using the super suit. We compare stabilization, image quality, bokeh, price, size, reliability. We went Scuba diving on some great wrecks to make this video.

This video is more emphasized on underwater videography rather than underwater photography. This video nor my channel are sponsored by any company. This is my unbiased review. Buy the cameras in this video: Gopro Hero 8: Gopro Hero 8 Dive housing: Sony a6500: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #Sonya6500 #Seafrogs #Gopro