Can a $42 Plastic Bag Waterproof a DSLR?

Check out the Cheap Thing Vs. Expensive Thing gear: Is a $42 dollar plastic bag sufficient underwater housing for the Panasonic GH5? Today Griffin Hammond is going to find out! In this episode of Cheap Thing Vs. Expensive Thing, we take the $42 DiCAPac WP-S3 and a $2000+ Ikelite 200DL package to see how they compare in protection, usability and image quality. The Ikelite 200DL is an underwater housing solution made custom for the GH5, with individualized buttons, switches and knobs that give you tactile control over the various menus, switches and lens functions on your camera. However, the DiCAPac WP-S3 is 50x less expensive, and still gives you waterproof protection up to 15 feet! Which housing will win? Watch to find out! Check out our podcast also at: (Stitcher) https://apple.

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