Disposable vs. Nikonos V - Waterproof 35mm Cameras

I decided I'd take my waterproof camera with me on a South African waterfall hike/camping trip and figured I'd compare it to a cheap Kodak Sport disposable to see how the results turned out! For more of my work: Instagram;

com/willysheepskin/" target="_blank">https://www.instagram.com/willysheepskin/
Website; https://www.willysheepskin.com/ My friend Stu plays the guitar (?) wonderfully in a section of the video, you can check out his great band @retro_dizzy and his lovely paintings @godt_art_movement Intro and Outro songs prod. Lim0 0:00 - Intro 0:27 - Nikonos V brief technical intro 1:40 - Shooting the cameras 3:13 - Thoughts on the images 4:41 - End :)