ELDEN RING Get “Overpowered” At The Very Start

Elden Ring gameplay guide, with tips for “overpowering” your character in the first 20 minutes! Get a +4 weapon, better armor, double the healing, a strong spirit, tons of runes, and more! I'M ON TWITTER RIGHT HERE @BoomstickAlex https://twitter.com/BoomstickAlex PATREON. This is a great way to "Toss A Coin" to Boomstick Gaming https://www.

TIKTOK. This is where I post short clips that often don’t make it to YouTube @BOOMSTICKALEX https://www.tiktok.com/@boomstickalex?lang=en Access to Elden Ring on PC was provided by Bandai Namco. 00:00 Intro 00:28 Section 1 01:11 Section 2 01:43 Section 3 02:59 Section 4 03:58 Section 5 05:35 Section 6 06:51 Improving Weapon 07:19 Buffs and Spirits 08:02 Side Quest 08:45 Better Armor 09:09 Completed Build 09:42 Bonus Stuff 10:50 Outro #EldenRing #Guide #Tips