Electric Toothbrush Non-Branded IPX 7 Waterproof with Sonic Technology Brush

This is a low cost $20 unit, This electronic tooth brush is a non-branded item, I purchased it myself for a replacement. The brush itself is pretty small, it has 2 mode functions, a 30 second notification and a 2 minute timer. It said it has Sonic Technology. 40,000 VPM motor, but I would take that with a grain of salt. 3 hours charge for a 30 days usage. Small enough for easy travel. USB C adapter on charging cradle. It comes with 5 replacement brush head. Con: the unit is a bit small. I wish it's a bit larger for better grip. the charging cradle is too small and light weight, it is very easily tip over. It is not wireless charging, there are contacts on the bottom of the brush and the cradle. It does not come with a USB power adapter. In the restroom/WC, you can not have USB ports on the wall plate because of the moistures. Not as powerful as the branded brush or even the some less known brands. This is a $20 item. these technology has really come down in price. my 1st unit was about $150 and it lasted for about 1 1/2 years.

I can replace 7 of these for the price of 1. Just keep in mind, it is not as powerful, however it does work. so.... I'm not affiliated with any of these items. I buy these items for use, and I'm doing these videos as a hobby. if you like to see random items, please subscribe and give me a like. No worries, thanks for watching.