#underwatercamera #buoyancy #underwaterfilmmaking #filmingunderwater How do I trim my underwater camera and housing and how do I find the perfect buoyancy and balance for my system? In this episode Vanessa Cara-Kerr will help and guide you. We discuss all the important aspects you should know so you can decide what method is best for you. You will see a variety of different float arms and strobe arms, paired with different setups – like underwater monitor and multiple lights and different port setup, such as dome port, flat ports, macro ports & dioptres. Hopefully we will help you to improve your underwater filming and underwater phtography skills with any underwater camera oder videocamera. The series will have at least 20 more episodes to guide you step by step into the world of underwater filming. We will cover the very basics and get to more advanced techniques. We will discuss all sorts of underwater filming gear, setups from the camera housing, filters, lighting to things like storytelling and composition. Stay tuned for the next episode coming up very soon, so be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell button to be notified! -------------------- This is the gear we use: https://kit.

-------------------- Camera, Edit & Animation / Illustration: Vanessa Cara-Kerr Additional Footage: Vincent Lavigne, Andreas Eich Float with us: