How to Film Fish Underwater (Castable Camera Rig + Fixed Pole Setup)

Want to see how I get my underwater footage? Take a look at two methods for underwater filming: one which uses a long pole, and a unique castable rig that uses fishing line, a sliding swivel and a 5 oz cannonball sinker. ______________________________________________________ Pole Rig: Castable Rig: Underwater Fishing Camera Comparison: ______________________________________________________ I came up with 2 different setup I'm really enjoying for filming fish underwater. One is a simple fixed rig that involves an extendable pole, pyramid sinkers and a clamp mount for action cameras. The second is a camera rigged on a sliding swivel, which you can cast either by hand or with a heavy rod. The slider keeps the camera and weight together as one unit so there isn't any risk of tangling. It was actually partly inspired by the helicopter rig, which is used in carp fishing over heavy weed and sediment. I'm not gonna lie: it took me many different versions of the castable rig to figure out exactly how to avoid the spinning and tangling of the camera/mainline. What I came up with is, in my opinion, a pretty solid rig that I haven't had tangle yet. It keeps the camera faced in one direction and involves minimal gear, and can be adjusted to film in different levels of the water column. Let's try to get this video up to 100 likes!! Drop a comment down below: Would YOU try these rigs out? Are you interested in underwater filming? I'm really hoping to do some deep-water filming this summer so look forward to that! _______________________________________________________ Thank you all for the support! I'm heading towards 3k subscribers and really enjoying making the content. I'm just having fun filming, editing and composing the music. And if you haven't already, click subscribe and click the bell for all notifications.

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