How To Pack a Carry-on for One Bag Travel

How To Pack a Carry-on for One Bag Travel—the right way. Check out our full blog post for a written breakdown: 0:00 - Intro 1:03 - Choose Your Bag 2:21 - Lay It All Out 6:38 - Compartmentalize 9:56 - Pack It Up 12:04 - Practice Your Trip Learn more about Pack Hacker Pro: If you've never traveled with just a carry-on, we highly recommend it. Why? Because it’s freeing. There’s no need to wait at the airport to get your checked luggage. You can breeze through security quickly. And you have everything you need on you at all times. In most cases, a smaller carry-on-sized bag forces you to be mindful of what you bring, which means you won’t have to haul around bulky luggage or excess gear. Even if you jam your bag full, it’s still a relatively compact package.

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