How to Pack Your Suitcase for Travel (Packing Tips) Nathalee Pauline

As you may know, I'm going to go on a trip to Las Vegas for this New Year! (By the time you watch this video, I may actually already be there!) And so today, I wanted to show you guys how I pack my suitcase or 5 TIPS that I use to make sure that I have everything and not end up overpacking! I hope you guys enjoy this video and that it helps you guys to pack for your fun designation this New Years too! Cheers! *Changed my YouTube Channel to Nathalee Pauline!* S U I T C A S E Unfortunately, the one I have (Tracker Tuxedo 28" Hardside Suitcase in PINK) is sold out. However, here is the link to a different colour and slightly smaller size of the same brand as well as a link to a similar one in pink. Hope this helps! Tracker Tuxedo 24" Suitcase in NAVY BLUE https://www.shopbentley.

Similar suitcase in PINK (29") AWAY SUITCASE (Best Quality - Pink) Sincerely, Nathalee Pauline For more videos like this, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE INSTAGRAM TWITTER