How we Use our Travel Gear & Camera Equipment (PROS & CONS)

Stripping down to the basics and showing you what equipment we use while traveling. Don't always use Amazon to buy...there's a lot of good used camera/drone/gear out there on other sites. Shop around! To get our latest video updates- subscribe! Every week we release a video on the most recent destination we visited! KEEP UP WITH THE ADVENTURE HERE: ✔ Instagram: ✔ Facebook: \\\\\OUR GEAR///// Laptops: Buy used. You don't have to have the newest, most expensive, Macbook to edit video. Our Backpacks: Drone: (Craigslist will have better deals) Drone Backpack: Big Camera: Big Camera Lens: Small Camera: Small Camera replacement batteries: GoPro: GoPro Batteries: Storage (Portable): Storage (Home): Mouthpiece: Don't waste your time or money Gimbal: GoPro Dome Port: Joby (big camera): Joby (small): (only get this one if you have a small mirrorless camera.

Will not support a big DSLR) Røde Mic: (Cheaper on Adorama) SD Card: MicroSD Card (Drone & GoPro): Music Credit: Julian Avila: #travelgear #camera #intaffair To avoid copyright infringements please reach out to us directly at: for promotional opportunities.