IPX Waterproof: IP67 waterproof electric motor - protection test IPX7

Protection test of a waterproof motor - Demonstrated here is an IPX7 protection test of a MENZEL watertight squirrel cage motor in accordance with DIN EN 60529: 2014. Our video shows that MENZEL watertight and dustproof IP67 motors are optimally protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water. They are best suited for use in cooling or pump systems, but also on ships or port systems. Read more on our website: ►►► https://www.menzel-motors.com/specialized-motors/ip67-motor/ Further information on the IP protection class test IPX7 of a MENZEL squirrel cage motor according to DIN EN 60529: 2014: The submersion procedure of our IPX7 protection test was officially inspected by the Technical Inspection Association TÜV. IP67 motor enclosures - Protected against immersion of up to 1 m / 30 min IP67 motors can be deluged at standstill without water entering into them. When the water recedes, they can be switched on again immediately. Watertight MENZEL IP67 motors have proven themselves for years as a reliable motor solution in industrial plants and pump stations all over the world. For this, however, they must be absolutely leak-proof and have an optimal dimensional accuracy. With IP 67 motors, it is important that no moisture enters the motor when it is temporarily submersed. For this purpose, the motor housings and terminal boxes of our IP67 motors are encapsulated and watertight. All components must be absolutely accurately-fitting and installed precisely. Long recesses, each with several sealing systems, allow only minimal tolerances. The IP67 motors are also equipped with waterproof cable glands. We have all the basic components in stock in our German motor plant, so that we can achieve very short assembly and delivery times with typical designs up to 1500 kW. MENZEL IP67 motors can also be specially designed and adapted for any specific industrial applications. IP protection test under water for IP 67 induction motor In the IPX7 protection leak test, the motors are subjected to an endurance test under water.

To test the tightness of the electric motor housings and terminal boxes according to IP standard, the motor is completely immersed in water. For a motor to be marked IPX7 it must prevent the ingress of water into the motor while being completely submerged in water for a continuous period of at least 30 minutes. Within 2 hours after the test the motor must be opened to see if there is water inside and a high voltage test must be carried out to proof its functioning. The IP-code characterizes the degree of protection of electric motors against the entering of dust and water as well as the protection of the operator against touching dangerous parts. DIN EN 60529 regulates the classification, whereby the second code number of the IP code IPX7 indicates the degree of protection against water. We have state-of-the-art test facilities for electric motors in our Berlin motor plant. With our test facility for underwater tests, we can also test larger IP67 motors for their tightness. MENZEL offers AC motors with squirrel cage rotors in protection class IP67 up to a power range of 1500 kW. These low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage motors are designed for up to 13800 V. However, we do not only manufacture squirrel-cage motors, but also slip ring motors and DC motors. All MENZEL motor are made for reliable operation under extreme conditions in industrial plants all over the world. Since 1927 our name stands for individual drive solutions. It is best to decide together with our professional engineering team which is the right type of protection for your particular industrial application. We would be happy to advise you – just call us! You want more? Go to our website and following us on social media: Website in 9 languages ►►► https://www.menzel-motors.com/ LinkedIn ►►►https://www.linkedin.com/company/menzel-motors/ Twitter ►►► https://twitter.com/MenzelMotors Newsletter ►►► https://www.menzel-motors.com/newsletter/ MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH Neues Ufer 19-25 10553 Berlin (Germany) E-Mail: info@menzel-motors.com Tel.: +49303499220 Give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel! Thanks YouTube playlist with all english videos: ►►► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyNAwc95KEK0GanEv-zbfS4djt-R8saDE