Klipsch T5 II ANC truly wireless earbuds brings Bragi AI gestures

Active noise cancellation isn’t a “luxury” for audio accessories now. It’s actually a must-have feature that consumers are expecting from newly released ones or new versions of previously released devices. Klipsch has now announced a new version of its T5 II truly wireless earbuds and unlike its predecessor, it now comes with ANC. It also has AI-powered features from Bragi and Dirac HD Sound. With all these premium features, of course it will also come with a premium price for those looking for a more high-end pair of earbuds.

Design-wise, the Klipsch T5 II ANC looks like its predecessor and still includes six sets of oval silicone ear tips so you can get the most comfortable fit. It has a redesigned 5.8mm driver with a thinner diaphragm to improve sound quality. It is IPX 4 water resistant which is a surprising step down from the IP67 of the T5 II. But that’s probably one of the things they had to give up in order to fit in the new features and improvements from the previous version.

For one, it brings Dirac’s HD Sound technology to the earbuds to improve its staging, clarity, voice, and bass. You will still be able to apply custom EQ settings. The built-in Bragi operating system brings artificial intelligence for hand-free, gesture-controlled features. This means you can accept calls by nodding your head or shake your head to skip tracks when listening to music. There will also be automated processes like ANC turned on when listening to music or transparency mode turned on when you get a call.

There is also dual-mic noise cancellation so a mic is aimed at the outside and another one is in front of the speaker so it can give you maximum noise cancellation. Battery-wise, it can give you 7 hours without ANC and 5 hours with ANC plus 21 hours in the case without ANC (15 with ANC). You can charge the case wirelessly and it’s compatible with Qi charging pads or you can use the USB-C cable. The T5 II ANC is priced at $299.

Meanwhile, there is a special T5 II True Wreless ANC McLaren Edition earphones just like its predecessor. It has the signature papaya color of the McLaren F1 team while sporting real carbon fiber and a co-molded outer shell that looks like the tread pattern in their racing tire. It will cost you $50 more as the SRP is $349.