Living out of a Backpack for 1 Year EXTREME MINIMALIST PACKING

LIVING OUT OF A BACK FOR 1 YEAR - EXTREME MINIMALIST PACKING Today I am sharing all the things I own in my travel backpack. Get insights on what to pack for sustainable living and minimalist lifestyle. —————— Pakt Backpack (30L capacity): Pakt Bags Channel: JOIN GROUP COACHING: 1:1 LIVE VIDEO COACHING: RESOURCES MENTIONED: • Linen clothes: • PAKT travel bag: • Hemp yoga green shorts: • Vivobarefoot minimalist shoes: • Linen bandana: • Hemp shirt: • Organic bamboo leggings: • Bamboo underwear: • Linen halter top bra: • Recycled shorts: • Foldable backpack: • Bamboo hair brush: • Badger balm: • Foldable nail clippers: • Scrubba wash bag: • Neti pot: • Bamboo toothbrush: • Tooth powder: • Essential oils: • Konjac sponge: • Fountain pen: • Wallet: • Kindle paper white: • Wooden laptop cover: • Travel lock: • Hiking pole: • Head lamp: • Travel yoga mat: *This description may contain affiliate link. The choice is always up to you my friends. CONTRIBUTE TO MY CONTENT: A portion of the support from Patreon, ads, and sponsorships goes to worthy causes that I support. Learn more on my Patreon page. —————— FREE WEBINAR "5 Tools to Master Minimalism and Emotional Decluttering": MINIMALIST WORKBOOK: MINDFUL LIFE WORKBOOK: Step-by-step guide to emotional healing, mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-love AFFIRMATION & MEDITATION KIT: Includes full reading list, audio guided meditation, affirmations, resources, and more. FREE MINIMALIST CHECKLIST: Complete List of Things to Get Rid of to Feel Happy with Less. —————— • CONNECT WITH ME • BLOG INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK PINTEREST WEBSITE https://www. #minimalistravel #whattopack #everythingiown