Long Term REVIEW Peak Design 45L Travel Backpack

The Peak Design 45L travel backpack is perfect for one bag travel. If you're a digital nomad or planning to travel the world then this is one to consider. Although there are a lot of backpacks designed for long term travel, from companies like Nomatic, GoRuck, Cotopaxi, Osprey and more, the Peak Design 45 liter travel backpack has had a lot of people interested ever since it first appeared on Kickstarter. In this video I talk about whether or not the back is comfortable or uncomfortable, I point of what I consider to be some of the stand out features of the bag, whether or not you can really use this as a daily carry backpack, and I bring up a couple of reasons why I might actually get rid of it (including talking about the sternum strap and harness design), and look at some alternatives. Low Drag Lifestyle is about lifestyle design and minimalist travel.

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