Massive Travel Bag Review: Minimalist Backpacks & Gear from Aer, Bond, and Wandrd

Many of you have asked me what bags I use to travel or in my everyday carry. In this video I'll be showing you my favorite travel bags and pouches from Aer and Bond Travel Gear. For all the bullet journalists watching, I also have a review and inside look at the Wandrd Travel Journal. This is obviously a little different than my normal videos, but I love using and reviewing travel bags, backpacks, and really anything you can put things in. I also believe the care and intention we put in to our journals, thoughts, and ideas can be transferred to what gear we choose to carry our "bujo tools" in. I mention this in the video too, but it bears repeating in written word. I love to travel with one bag, not only for how much easier it makes the actual travel (no checked bags anyone?) but because of how it forces me to think about what I travel with. With a large bag or roller I can bring so much with me. I don't have to think or consider what I'm packing. If I think I might need it, toss it in! With one bag travel, I have to think a lot more and be much more intentional about what I bring with me. To me this fits so well with the bullet journal ethos. To put care and thought into what I choose to "bring with me" during the day and what I choose to leave behind or save for next time. Like I said, this is a different video but I hope you still like it. Let me know what you think in the comments! I also timestamped the different reviews so you can hop around and watch what you want. It's a long video too. 1:06 - Aer Travel Pack 2 14:14 - Wandrd Travel Journal 18:59 - Bond Travel Gear, starting with the Tool Roll 21:44 - Bond Venture Pouch 22:31 - Bond Attache 13 (sorry about the audio for parts) 22:52 - Using the Aer Travel Pack & Bond Attache together 24:36 - Why one bag travel makes sense to me 25:35 - Closing comments, dad jokes, thank you's, etc Thanks to Andy at Aer, Chris at Bond, and Wandrd for providing samples to review for all of you. Aer Travel Pack 2 - Bond Tool Roll - Bond Venture Pouch - Bond Attache - Wandrd Travel Journal - ================================================== My name is Matt Ragland and I make videos about using a minimalist bullet journal to focus on what matters most to you. I’ll show you how to use concepts like 10 Blocks, Time Tracking Grids, and Project Timelines to quickly see what needs to be done and when. You can look for these videos every week, so please hit subscribe to stay in the loop for each new show! ================================================== Learn more about the 10 Blocks here: and Time Tracking here: Download all of my Bullet Journal productivity resources, including the 10 Block Method, Time Tracking Grids, and Monthly Plan at You'll also be able to enter the 5 Day Time Track Challenge to see where your time is spent each day. *Bullet Journal Supplies* *Notebook from Baron Fig* Get $10 off your first Baron Fig order with my code: http://baronfig.
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