MEIJIA Portable All Weather Waterproof Camera Case Review! Worth It?

Finding a good, budget friendly camera case can be a troublesome task for most people, myself included. In this video I review one of the cheapest hard shell camera cases on amazon! Links MEIJIA Portable All Weather Waterproof Camera Case with Foam - My Gear 16‑inch MacBook Pro - Space Gray (My Editing Laptop) - Davinci Resolve (My editing software) - iPhone 12 Pro Max (My Camera) - iPhone 12 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe (My favorite case) - KINGJOY 67'' Video Camera Tripod (The tripod I use) - Neewer LED Video Light Stick Kit, 3-Pack (I bought the two pack but it is no longer available so these are the same, just with an extra overhead light) -

com/gp/product/B08B15Y8LC?pf_rd_r=634FN958T37KSKCVMQ07&pf_rd_p=5ae2c7f8-e0c6-4f35-9071-dc3240e894a8&pd_rd_r=cfdf0aae-5aee-4ffd-913f-87f2241a4569&pd_rd_w=1hJHX&pd_rd_wg=Fnpcx&ref_=pd_gw_unk" target="_blank">
Ikea LINNMON (The table I use for most of my videos) - LEMMiNO Music (The best background music) - Thank you for watching, I hope you have a great day!