Minimal Adventure Travel Gear Whats In My Camera Bag 2020

Hello friends, fellow travel adventurers and vagabonds! First off, how do you like my shirt ;) ? #whatsinmycamerabag #nosmallcreator #Travelgear I talk about what gear I use in this video. I call it minimalistic travel gear, and even though it is actually quite a lot still, I think. But I use everything for something. Meaning All the gear I own and carry has a purpose and is regularely used. Before I travelled with loads more. 2 camera bodies with different lens mounts etc, just because I though I had to have specific gear for specific tasks. Now I own way less, and I can focus on creating more stuff, and not worry about breaking my back or get exhausted hauling all this stuff around with me all this time. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video, Down below is a list to all the gear in my backpack, if you fancy getting some of it for yourself! CAMERA and CAMERA gear Main Camera: Fujifilm X-T4 Battery for XT4: Dual Charger for the XT4 Fujifilm 16-55mm f2.8. Great Allround Lens (I use this for EVERYTHING) Mindshift Filter Nest/Holder: NISI ND1000 filter 77mm (fits the 16-55 f2.8 lens): Variable ND filter: Røde VideoMicro. Super minimalistic shotgun mic Never Loose Or Drop Your Camera: Camera straps and clips https://amzn.

to/30IE9me GOPRO hero 7 GoPRO dual charger: GoPRO chestmount (to film streetphotography POV videos) GoPro attachment kits iPhone X max 256GB Iphone Filter pack from NISI FLYING CAMERA - The Drone Drone SMART controller for drone (love this with the big screen) Drone Battery Drone filters (for filming in harsh lights etc) ACCESORIES BACKPACK (fits all my gear and underwear ;)) Best Minimal Tripod (supports the FujiFilm XT4 adn is GREAT for vlogging) Phone holder for MINI Tripod Big TRIPOD (this is great - also films top down) EDITING AND STORAGE MacBook PRO 15 inch SAMSUNG 1TB ssd. Great Travel Harddrives (Small, Fast, Ton of Storage) LaCie 4 TB disk for extra backup BIG drive at home to back up everything (10TB) PeliCase for SAFE SD card storage AUDIO gear - ZOOM H5 handy recorder Apple airpods pro: