Minimal Packing and One Bag Travel Gear from LiteTravel (Everything You Need to Get Started!)

Today’s video is brought to you by LiteTravel, whose mission is make travel less stressful so that you can focus on having awesome experiences. One of my favorite topics to cover on this channel is help people find better ways to travel and one of the best ways to do that is learning to travel more minimally. One bag travel is my go to for all of my trips as it removes so much of the stress that can come about during a trip and as this has become a more popular way to travel, a ton of accessories from a variety of companies have come out and it can be overwhelming to look through tons of sites to find the items that will make a trip much easier.

To help with this, LiteTravel has created an ecosystem of gear that covers all the bases for what you would need to travel anywhere in the world with one bag. What do you guys think of LiteTravel’s unique accessories? What would you like to see them add to their lineup? *This is a sponsored video presented by LiteTravel. Music: “Flames” - Dan Henig Visit the LiteTravel Store: 10% Discount: TRAVELINGSALSEROS10 Items Featured in Video: Double Compression Packing Cubes: Micro Universal Travel Adapter: Freshen Up Kit: Expandable Backpack: #litetravel #travelpacking #onebagtravel Follow Us Below to Stay Up to Date with All of Our Latest Updates Instagram: Facebook: Website: